Rescue The Africa Vulnerable Foundation

-To attain improved welfare of vulnerable women, youth and children using community based initiatives-


- To identify and define vulnerable women, youth and children, their needs and priority programs.

-To advocate for positive welfare policies and programs to meet priority needs of vulnerable women, youth and children.

- To plan, design and implement programs to promote women, youth and children`s welfare.

- To enable individuals, families and the local communities to acquire and sustain the capacity to plan, obtain and manage resources which will improve the welfare of women, youth and children over time.



Theory of change

Our work is guided by a theory of social emergence. We strive to empower those at local levels, utilizing the relationships and social networks currently in existence to spread information and offer services. We recognize that the national government has very good laws, policies and programs in place to promote women, youth and children`s rights and welfare. But there is a great disparity between what is provided by law and the reality on the ground.

The national government does not have capacity to meet all needs of vulnerable women, youth and children and therefore many women, youth and children are tied in a vicious cycle of poverty, powerlessness and vulnerability. We therefore, partner with local government to reach out to communities where we have identified the greatest needs.

We build capacity of local leaders in social work and development, we build capacities of women, youth, children and communities to sustainably mobilize existing resources to meet their needs. We further empower communities to undertake strategic advocacy to influence national government policies and programs to be responsive to their priority needs.

By starting at a community level, we stimulate change in a way that spreads throughout. The theory of social emergence guides us in addressing immediate needs, in instituting sustainable practices, and in stimulating a groundswell of social forces that we believe , will lead to change throughout Africa.