Coffee and Banana Production

In the village of Busega we have planted coffee plants and banana palms, to invest in the future. In the long term, revenues from the sale of coffee beans and bananas will feed hundreds of people. Very many in the area are engaged and employed in this work, men and women, young and old.

 Also the faded fibers from the banana palms are to be used to produce environmentally friendly baskets, bowls, paper bags, plates, etc. This will be sold to generate income for the populace, as well as funding for future development. In line with our theory of social change, various tasks such as planting, fertilizer collection, maintaining plants, digging, etc. have been delegated to various of the participating residents. In this way, the unity is strengthened, and each one gets a sense of self-esteem for the project. 

By strengthening each joint we will get a chain that is not easily broken.